2014 vs 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade

Posted by Administrator on 12/2/2014 to Kites FAQ

The Cabrinha Switchblade is considered by some as the benchmark in the kitesurfing industry. One of the main reasons is historical. In 2005, the world was introduced with an innovative design, the bow kites, which that would make kitesurfing safe for everyone. The Cabrinha Switchblade was introduced and soon the industry turned around. It was like going from cd players to ipods. 

The Cabrinha Switchblade is designed for 80% of kitesurfers which are mostly looking for free riding. It's basically having fun, riding back and forth, jumping and doing basic-intermediate tricks. The Cabrinha Switchblade is loaded with safety and performance features that have made it very popular. 

Main Features:
- User friendly (Beginner-advance)
- High performance from the low end to high end wind range 
- Long lasting jumping and gliding
- Constant Power
- Easy water relaunch
- Safe 

Ideal for:
- Anyone looking for a kite that will work for a little bit of everything
- Beginners looking for a kite that will not be outgrown when becoming an intermediate/advance rider
- Riders looking for biggest wind range and glide

What the switchblade is not:
- Not a fast looping kite on the 11m -14m range
- Not a dedicated freestyle competition kite
- Not a C Kite

2015 improvements

For 2015, Cabrinha improved the Switchblades bridle setup to improve performance and prevent back stalling. Back stalling is essentially when a wing/kite or airplane has more pressure on its trailing edge than it's leading edge (main bladder) thus loosing the ability to fly and dropping from the sky. 

The 2015 is a little bit faster on the bigger sizes like the 11m, 12m and 14m. A faster kite is desirable for faster response from riders input. This is ideal when you need the kite to react to your input. 

Bar pressure was slightly reduced based on riders feedback. Bar pressure is a personal preference. We could say it is neither the lightest nor the strongest bar pressure in the market. A good balance.

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